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No matter how the Caliburn series develops, the Caliburn Pod has always occupied an important place in the hearts of smokers. Follow me today to take a look at the products of the caliburn family: Caliburn Pod, Caliburn G

1.Uwell Caliburn Pod
Uwell Caliburn Kit is a first pod vape kit from Uwell. It gives me a simple and comfortable visual feeling with streamlined shape and slim body. Trapezoid shape pod is designed to fit your lips and made for salt nic juice.


2.Uwell Caliburn G
The Uwell Caliburn G Pod System Vape starter Kit is the upgrade version of Caliburn, works with 690mAh built-in battery and can fire up to max 15W output. With a Type-C USB port and 1.5A charging function, charging is faster than ever.


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